The covering of a short position by purchasing a long contract, usually resulting from the short sale of a commodity. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
See: short covering, stock buyback. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
Also used in the context of bonds. The purchase of corporate bonds by the issuing company at a discount in the open market. Also used in the context of corporate finance. When a firm elects to repurchase some of the shares trading in the market. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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buyback buy‧back [ˈbaɪbæk] also buy-back noun [countable]
1. COMMERCE when someone buys something that they previously had sold:

• Good economic data strengthened sterling and prompted buybacks of the currency.

• Porsche's buyback scheme will guarantee a value of 55% of the car's purchase price at the end of three years.

2. share/​stock buyback FINANCE when a company buys its own shares from existing shareholders; = BUY-IN
3. FINANCE when the owners of a company previously sold to another become independent again by buying their shares from the new owners:

• William A Robinson, a Chicago marketing agency acquired three years ago by Ketchum Communications, completed its buyback from Ketchum and renamed itself Robinson & Maites.

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buyback UK US /ˈbaɪbæk/ noun [C or U]
FINANCE, STOCK MARKET the act of buying something from the same person you sold it to, especially an offer by a company to buy shares of its own stock from shareholders: »

The company announced a 6 million share buyback in August.

See also BUY-IN(Cf. ↑buy-in)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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